NCT 127’s Taeil And Haechan Face Off In a Game Of Tug Of War, And They’re Just As Chaotic As Ever

They’re one of the most hilarious oldest/youngest member pairs ever!

As the oldest and youngest members of NCT 127, Taeil and Haechan are known for their hilarious older and younger sibling dynamic, and their tug of war game from the latest episode of NCT Life shows that this duo is still just as chaotic as ever!

NCT 127’s Taeil (left) and Haechan (right) | @mo.on_air/Instagram

In the most recent episode of NCT Life, the NCT 127 members competed against each other in swimming pool games.

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The first game was a race from one end of the pool to the other end of the pool to determine which two members would be team captains during the next games.

Haechan finished in 4th place and Taeil finished in 9th place, and they ended up on opposite teams.

Haechan was on Yuta’s team, and Taeil was on Johnny’s team.

After each member joined one of the two teams, the tug of war competition began.

Both Yuta and Johnny’s teams wanted to win the tug of war matches, and the members of each team hesitated to compete in the first match.

Ultimately, Taeil and Haechan ended up as their teams’ representatives in the first game of tug of war.

Before the match began, they broke out into hilariously chaotic freestyle dances to intimidate each other.

Haechan kicked the intensity up a notch by trying to get into Taeil’s head before they competed against each other. He asked, “Should I win in a way that protects your pride or should I just win?” 

Once the match finally began, Haechan and Taeil competed fiercely against each other.

The other NCT 127 members couldn’t help but laugh at the chaotic game of tug of war!

Although Haechan bragged about his tug of war skills before the match began, Taeil easily beat him.

Although Taeil won this match, everyone who saw this chaotic showdown between Taeil and Haechan is the real winner!