NCT Reveals NCT 2021 Is Preparing For Promotions During “SM CONGRESS 2021”

Fans have been waiting for this!

Recently, SM Entertainment’s Lee Soo Man held an online event titled, SM Congress 2021 and invited members from girl group aespa and boy group NCT to talk about the plans for the last half of the year. 

Executive producer Lee Soo Man, who is working on the production of NCT Hollywood, commented, “I created NCT with the hopes of wanting NCT to exist in cities all around the world. NCT Hollywood will mainly be active in the United States, just as how NCT 127 is active in Seoul and WayV in China.”

When Lee asked member Doyoung about his plans for the year, he stated, “We are preparing promotions that the fans have been waiting for. Our fans are waiting for NCT 2021 activities that follow NCT 2020.”

Mark added, “We are preparing content that will properly unravel the NCT storyline so let’s meet at the KWANGYA.”

Source: newsen