NCT’s Chenle Has Everyone In Love With His New Puppy

The new addition to the NCT family is melting hearts.

Between WayV, NCT 127, and NCT Dream, NCT has more pets than you can imagine: from cats and dogs to fish. In Chenle‘s latest live broadcast, he introduced a new member to the NCT family that instantly melted hearts from its cuteness.

After hearing a high-pitched bark, Chenle couldn’t hide his surprise any longer. He introduced his new pet to the world, “I got a little puppy. I’ll let you guys see.

As soon as viewers laid eyes on the fluffy, white puppy, no heart was safe from being stolen. Its cuteness was too much for everyone to take, especially after seeing how the puppy climbed all over Chenle.

During the live broadcast, he was more than ready to share all the details on his new friend. The puppy was a three-month-old Bichon that he spoke to in both Chinese and Korean.

Although she doesn’t yet have a Chinese name, Chenle named her Daegal in Korean. The name’s meaning didn’t escape fans’ notice.

The name is said to be slang for “big head” or “head,” which hilariously fits with Chenle being a proud member of NCT’s big head line.

To keep the fun vibes going, Chenle shared an amusing moment from when he’d picked up Daegal. “The funniest part was… When I first got her, I had to bring her home.”

A staff member’s parting words to Daegal hit Chenle right in the feels. “A worker there said to her, ‘Go home well with your dad.’

It hit home for Chenle that Daegal was really his, “I was like, ‘Wow. I’m a dad now. Oh my god.’

Chenle even shared an adorable photo of Daegal for those wanting to see more of her.


Chenle’s new puppy was such a welcome addition that NCTzens still can’t stop talking about how adorable she is. Take a look at his new puppy here.