NCT’s Chenle Was Mistaken For Taeyong By A Student, And His Reaction Was Hilarious

Chenle’s trip to the Han River took a funny turn.

Through a Weibo live broadcast, NCT‘s Chenle revealed he was recently mistaken for Taeyong during an outing and his hilarious reaction to the situation.

Chenle and Taeyong. | @SMTOWNGLOBAL/Twitter

When Chenle played a round of basketball near the Han River a few days ago, he was approached by a student.

Because the student didn’t have a ball but wanted to play, they asked to join Chenle’s game. He happily agreed, “So I said, ‘No problem. Let’s play together!’

That’s when the student thought Chenle looked quite familiar. The student asked him, “‘Are you a celebrity?’” Chenle didn’t want to deny it.

After hearing the confirmation they needed, the student thought they had Chenle all figured out. Smiling, Chenle repeated what the student asked, “Then they said, ‘Wow! Are you perhaps, Taeyong?’

Rather than be sad at being mistaken for someone else, especially a fellow member, Chenle hilariously thought the complete opposite. Bursting into laughter, Chenle said, “I’ve succeeded. I’ve succeeded.

Although Chenle is handsome, he was happy to be mistaken for Taeyong, who he thought was more handsome. Chenle denied the student’s guess and admitted he was “in the same group as him.

I said, ‘I’m sorry. I’m not that handsome.’ Because we were wearing masks, they couldn’t see clearly.

— Chenle

Despite Chenle saying he wasn’t as handsome as Taeyong, the fact that the student thought he was handsome enough to be a celebrity proved how good-looking he is in person.


See Chenle laugh about the moment here.