NCT’s Chenle Raises Concerns After Showing His Hair Loss

“This is actually concerning.” – Fan

Since idols often dye and bleach their hair, it’s not uncommon for fans to joke about them becoming bald from all the damage of those chemical changes. When NCT Dream‘s Chenle once brought up going bald, Jisung claimed he’d look good that way and didn’t hesitate to pull back his hair and show a preview of it.

While that moment was a funny one for them, the state of Chenle’s hair loss is now raising concerns after his latest update through a Weibo live.

A few short months ago, Chenle pulled back the sides of his hair to show how much of it had been thinning. Although it was quite a shock, his hair appears to be even thinner than before.

| @jenoGOs/Twitter

During his live stream, Chenle pulled his hair back to show how much was missing once again. Since the video was taken close up, it gave everyone a closer look at how thin his hairline is.

Because his hairline starts farther back due to genetics, it became worrying to fans that it didn’t seem as full—especially his lack of sideburns.

The fact that his hairline and sideburns were much fuller in the months of summer supported their worries. It didn’t help that Chenle also admitted to experiencing hair breakage so severe that he needed to wear extensions in the past couple of years to make it look full.

Naturally, eagle-eyed fans found a moment during their past Huya live in 2019 where Jeno attempted to fix Chenle’s hair.

When touching what many now think was his hair extensions, Chenle immediately reacted by reaching for his head and telling Jeno not to speak about it.

Whether it’s from bleaching and dyeing his hair often or stress, many fans are hoping that Chenle can work through it and grow back his hair healthier and fuller than ever.

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