Lee Soo Man Confirms NCT China Is Currently Preparing For Their Debut

That’s right, and it came straight from the horse’s mouth!

Lee Soo Man and NCT 127 both won commendable awards at the recent 2018 Korea-China Management Awards.

NCT’s Winwin and Taeyong came to the event to receive the award as representatives of the group.

On June 28, 2018, Lee Soo Man and NCT’s Winwin and Taeyong attended the event, which was held in the Grand Ballroom of the Federation of Korean Industries Hall in Yeouido, Seoul.


Lee Soo Man won the “Best Manager Award” for his contributions to the globalization of the Korean culture as well as his rapid success in the K-Pop industry and NCT 127 won the “Asia Rising Star Award” in recognition for their activities and popularity in China.


Lee Soo Man stated the importance of collaboration between Korea and China as well as some of his plans for the development of their relations in his acceptance speech.

“We are focusing on creating synergy between our contents and celebrities and China, and leading not only the Asian market, but the international market through this synergy. Moreover, I am convinced that if Korea, China and other Asian countries combine their forces, we will be able to create a ‘cultural industry hub’ that creates global celebrities and contents and leads the industry trends. In this sense, I believe that cultural cooperation and convergence between Asian countries is our greatest priority. SM Entertainment seeks to create the world’s greatest Korean-Chinese cultural alliance.” ㅡ Lee Soo Man


He also mentioned something that has gotten fans extremely excited.

“I will take this award and do my best to strengthen the bridge between Korea and China and lead the Asian culture by entering the global market. NCT China, which consists of Chinese members, is also currently preparing for their debut so we ask that you continue to look forward to a more globally active NCT.” ㅡ Lee Soo Man


NCT China’s debut is apparently in progress! Since this exciting news was released, fans have not been able to contain their excitement!


Unfortunately, there were also many who were skeptical about how soon NCT China will be debuting as talks of their debut have apparently been around for awhile.


Nonetheless, NCT China’s debut definitely is worth being excited about since Lee Soo Man broke the news himself! Stay tuned for updates!

Source: Star Today