NCT Dojaejung To Cancel This Week’s Promotions Due To Jaehyun’s Health

We hope he recovers soon.

NCT Dojaejung will cancel this week’s activities due to member Jaehyun’s health. Below is the official statement released by SM Entertainment.

Hello, we would like to inform you about NCT Jaehyun’s health. Due to Jaehyun’s body aches, he went to the hospital and took a COVID-19 PCR test but received a negative result.

He was diagnosed with a cold, but his symptoms, such as high fever and sore throat, continued to worsen. He will rest until this week to fully recover his health and preemptively prepare for the possible incubation period of COVID-19.

Accordingly, we would like to inform you that the schedules, such as music broadcasts and fan sign events for this week’s first mini album, Perfume, will inevitably be canceled. We will announce the schedule related to NCT activities as soon as Jaehyun’s health recovers. We will do our best to focus on recovery by considering the health and safety of our artists. Thank you.

Source: star mbn


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