NCT’s Doyoung Blessed NCTzens Through The Rain Season With This Perfect Song

And he looked as amazing as he sounded.

NCT‘s Doyoung looked like a ray of sunshine in his brand new video of him covering Taeyeon‘s “Rain”. NCTzens in Korea, currently going through the rainy season, are feeling blessed with so much vocal and visual goodness happening in the video!


Doyoung shared in the description, “I had this little gift prepared for everyone for the rainy season, hehe. I waited for a beautiful rainy day to upload it.”


He added, “It’s a blessing to have all these songs that can make us feel better on rainy days.” He hoped his listeners enjoy his version of the song, 200% perfect for the South Korean rainy season.


NCTzens are pleasantly surprised by Doyoung’s thoughtful “gift” and can’t stop listening to the mellow cover. Doyoung, who looks breathtaking in all white, is leaving the fans shook with his visuals just as much too. It is, indeed, a blessing to have Doyoung’s version of “Rain” to make us feel better on rainy days – as well as all other days!


Listen to Doyoung’s beautiful voice here: