NCT’s Doyoung Under Fire For His Comments About Non-Idol Men In Reality

“They don’t exist in reality.” — Doyoung

NCT‘s Doyoung is well known to caption his photos as “boyfriend pics”, which are photos posed to look as if you’re on a date with your boyfriend.

“Boyfriend pic @.@”

“Boyfriend pic like we’re sitting next to each other @.@”

“My first boyfriend pic of the new year @.@”

“Today’s Doyoung @.@ BoyfriendPicver See you later at the fan signing”


During a recent live broadcast, a fan asked about his “boyfriend pics” on Twitter. He answered that he posts them for his fans to see since people like his members and he don’t exist in reality.

“But honestly, I think those kinds of boyfriends don’t exist. People like us don’t exist. I think like that. Where can you find someone like us? They don’t exist in reality, but I feel like those ordinary poses make us look like boyfriends.”

— Doyoung


When a fan comically asked if he’ll be her boyfriend, he answered, “They don’t exist, right? People like me don’t exist.


However, netizens were not happy with his comments. They believed it was rude of him to think that he was more special than other people.


Despite netizens criticizing him for not being humble enough with his words, fans defended his comments by claiming he was speaking the truth about reality.

“Kim Doyoung …… You’re a smart person who lives life to the fullest …… He even thought of so many things for one live broadcast ㅜㅠ He said there aren’t boyfriends like him in reality and he was right on point with his self-awareness ㅠㅠ …. I’m so glad you’re close with Jeno You’re the best, Doyoung……” — @varlys0214

“I got hit deep in my core by Doyoung’s self-awareness.. You’re right… There are no boyfriends like you” — @l0vingjay

“Wow you have an incredible grasp on reality with an impressive self-awareness, Doyoung. You’re a great person. Seriously (I was watching your live broadcast on my bus ride back home)” — @mmt_chie


No matter, Doyoung did mention that everyone has a different perspective and wish for others to look at him cutely.

“But everyone has a different perspective so I hope you find it cute.”

— Doyoung


Watch Doyoung talk about “Boyfriend pics” starting at 10:15:

Source: Nate Pann


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