NCT’s Doyoung Names His Favorite SM Entertainment Singer

He has two favorite singers of all time.

Whether he’s promoting in a group or singing OSTs, NCT‘s Doyoung is so well-known for his vocals that he’s even participated in musicals. There are still singers that Doyoung looks up to and is inspired by.

Doyoung | Inkigayo

When chatting with W Korea magazine, they asked the idol for his favorite singer. Doyoung had two singers at the top of his list, one of them an SM Entertainment artist.

The first artist Doyoung named was the iconic ballad singer beloved by many K-Pop idols and Koreans alike. He named the talented Park Hyo Shin.

Park Hyo Shin

Another singer Doyoung named as one of his favorites was none other than Girls’ Generation‘s leader and talented soloist Taeyeon.

Taeyeon and Doyoung. | @SMTOWNGLOBAL/Twitter

Since Doyoung used to be a huge fanboy of the girl group when he was younger, it makes sense that Taeyeon would become his favorite SM Entertainment vocalist.


Source: W Korea