NCT 127’s Doyoung Exposes His Girls’ Generation Fanboy Past

He used to live the SONE life way before he was a trainee.

To celebrate the release of their second full-length album Neo Zone, BuzzFeed interviewed the group with some refreshing questions. One of them was if the members had been a major fan of something as they grew up.

While Mark and Taeil were into American artists Bruno Mars and Stevie Wonder, Yuta and Doyoung were into SM Entertainment‘s idol groups.

Yuta was a major fan of the legendary group TVXQ. In turn, Doyoung admitted that he used to share the same enthusiasm for the company’s legendary girl group, Girls’ Generation.

He confessed, “I was such a huge fan from fifth to sixth grade.” Doyoung wasn’t the average fan who casually listened to their music, though. He took it a step further.

Going the extra mile to keep the group close to him at all times, he once did what many NCTzens currently do with NCT’s photos: “They were even the background for the main screen for my personal homepage!”

Who would’ve thought that adult Doyoung would make childhood Doyoung’s dreams come true by eventually meeting Girls’ Generation? He probably would’ve never imagined attending Taeyeon’s solo concert, either.

Doyoung has not only fulfilled his past fanboy dreams but surpassed them. No one could blame him, though. Girls’ Generation was THE group.

Ironically enough, some fanboys later turn out to be idols themselves, just like Doyoung and Yuta.

Source: BuzzFeed