NCT DREAM’s Chenle Cut His Puppy Daegal’s Hair…And NCTzens Are Losing Their Minds

The before and after photos are hilarious.

NCT DREAM‘s Chenle tried being a hairdresser for his puppy Daegal, and it didn’t quite turn out the way he wanted it to.

Daegal before the hair trim | KHCHENLE/Weibo

Chenle posted before and after photos on Weibo, along with an apology to Daegal fans for his questionable handiwork.

I want to apologize to all Daegal fans…… I’m a bad hairdresser……πŸ™‚πŸ™‚

β€” Chenle

Daegal after the hair trim | KHCHENLE/Weibo
It’s safe to say that NCTzens are losing their minds over Chenle’s work.

Maybe next time bring Daegal to an actual groomer, Chenle.