NCT DREAM’s Chenle And Mark Sighted At A Golden State Warriors Game

Chenle is Stephen Curry’s #1 fan!

It’s no secret that NCT DREAM‘s Chenle is a big Stephen Curry fan. If it wasn’t obvious from the numerous times he’s named the basketball player as his role model, it sure is now as he was sighted with Mark at the Golden State Warriors “Dub Hub” online video call.

Mark, Chenle, and Johnny | @NCTsmtown/Twitter

Chenle’s friendship with Stephen Curry started last year when he learned English slang to send him a tweet with the help of Johnny and Mark. Much to his delight, his tweet reached the basketball star, and he invited Chenle to a future game. He even followed Chenle on Weibo, and sent him a signed jersey!

| 金州勇士/Weibo

And now, it looks like Stephen made good on his promise, complying to pandemic regulations of course. Mark and Chenle’s faces were spotted amongst other fans in the online “Dub Hub” call during the game, and NCTzens were so happy that Chenle got to experience it.

Hopefully one day Chenle can meet Stephen Curry in person!