NCT DREAM’s Chenle Scolds Those Who Mobbed His Mother During His Airport Arrival In China

“Don’t overdo it, okay?”

NCT DREAM‘s Chenle recently took to social media to discuss a mobbing situation that happened when he landed in China for a private schedule.

NCT DREAM’s Chenle | @nctsmtown_DREAM/Twitter

NCT DREAM have had a busy schedule over the last few months. From continuing their The Dream Show 2: In A Dream tour in Japan…

…to winning awards at various end-of-year ceremonies.

NCT DREAM | @nctsmtown_DREAM/Twitter

NCT DREAM will be making their official debut in Japan on February 8, with their album Best Friend Ever, and continuing to tour the country.

Because of how busy they have been, fans were overjoyed to learn that Renjun and Chenle would be able to return home for Chinese New Year celebrations with their families. Both of the idols departed from Korea on January 20, KST.

Though the departure was uneventful, Chenle’s arrival ended up turning negative. Video captured of Chenle first landing shows the idol waving to fans as he makes his way through the airport.

| @CheeseZhouZhou_/Weibo

Unfortunately, the situation changed as Chenle made his way to his car. The star can be seen struggling to enter the car before making it inside.

He turns around and seems to be looking for someone before his mother appears, having managed to make her way through the mobbing crowd.



Shortly after departing from the airport, Chenle sent a series of messages on Dear. U Bubble to express how he felt about what happened.

| Dear. U Bubble
  • Don’t over do it, okay?
  • I’m thankful you all came to pick me up.
  • Don’t crush my mom, okay? 

Fans immediately expressed concern over what happened and scolded those who made his arrival uncomfortable.


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