NCT DREAM’s Chenle Trends Worldwide After Showing Off His Muscular Arms In A Sleeveless Shirt

Fans were completely surprised!

NCT DREAM recently held their special encore concert NCT DREAM TOUR THE DREAM SHOW 2: IN YOUR DREAM following their successful North American tour. The concert spanned three days, with new surprises from the group, including new stages and performances.

NCT DREAM | @NCTsmtown_DREAM/Twitter
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During the first night, fans were also surprised to see Mark in a different outfit that revealed one of his arms, as his previous outfit was a long-sleeved shirt.

After the first two nights of the concerts, fans waited in anticipation for what the third night would bring.

First, Jaemin drove everyone — including NCT DREAM — wild by flashing his abs.

In one of the most surprising moments of the night, Chenle also unexpectedly showed off some of his muscles!

Right before the final speaking moments of the concert, NCT DREAM would go backstage and change into tour shirts. This time around, the shirts were customized by each member, showing off their personalities.

The two previous nights, Chenle rocked his customized shirt that featured the tour’s name colored in to match his favorite basketball team’s color with a small ball near the lettering.

NCT DREAM’s Chenle

On the final night of the concert, Chenle shocked everyone by coming out with the sleeves cut out from the shirt!

Chenle and Jisung (right).

It seems like even Jeno couldn’t believe his eyes, rubbing Chenle’s arm at one point.

During the group photo moment from the show, fans could see how muscular he is when he braced himself while posting, accidentally flexing in the process.

Fans reacted so strongly to this that Chenle’s name trended worldwide, even hours after the show was completed.  The phrase “Chenle Sleeveless” also trended in different places worldwide.

As you can imagine, fans online reacted very strongly to this unexpected reveal from Chenle.