NCT DREAM Confirm They Are Working On A New Album In The Most Chaotic Way Possible

The struggle to not spoil it was real.

After a long struggle to not spoil their comeback, NCT DREAM has finally been able to confirm that they are working on a brand new album, and they did it in the most chaotic way possible.

| @NCTsmtown_DREAM/Twitter

Fans have been suspecting that a comeback was in the works for some time, particularly after the members were seen trying (somewhat) to hide their new hair color at a recent fan event. While nothing was confirmed at the time, it seems like fans were right after all, as the members were forced to finally admit the truth after Mark gave one final, huge spoiler at this weekend’s Seoul Music Awards.

While discussing the group’s activities at the event, Mark accidentally let it slip that they had prepared a ‘big album’ before correcting himself and saying performances.

That in itself confirmed NCTzens’ suspicions. And since the secret was out, NCT DREAM finally made the announcement in a chaotic Instagram live afterwards.

Fans weren’t all that surprised, but they were definitely happy at the good news. NCT DREAM had a big year, so there is a lot to look forward to in their new comeback. Although, as some fans hilariously pointed out, the price is not one of those things!

The exciting album announcement comes on the heels of the group’s win for Best Album at the 31st Seoul Music Awardsβ€”an achievement that has made fans incredibly proud given that the winning album in question,Β Hot Sauce, is NCT DREAM’s first full-length album.

We can only imagine what the group will go on to achieve after such an amazing start! Congratulations to NCT DREAM. We can’t wait to see how their next album turns out!