Excessive NCT Fans Under Fire For Harassing EXO Members

“Don’t be dumb. Shouldn’t you promote their song?”

NCT Dream‘s “We Go Up” recently dropped, and while fans should be celebrating the comeback, they’ve been criticized due to excessive fans harassing EXO members to promote the song.


When a group of NCT fans noticed that the EXO members haven’t uploaded promotional posts about NCT Dream, they began demanding that the EXO members help promote the new album.

“Mr. Byun Baekhyun, I’m leaving you a message because I hear you use Twitter ^^ Your juniors NCT Dream came back with a new song, please promote it. The song is to die for. I’m just asking, so…. yes…. haha” —@WiNi_ct

“Baekhyun promote NCT Dream’s song as a loyalty for EXO902014” — @jaeminaNa_0813

“Hey you my old bias. I streamed your digital songs an infinite amount of times when I was your fan. Promote Dream’s ‘We Go Up’ in return. Are you not going to be loyal??” — @00wallwall

“My old bias… You said Dream was cute too… Hurry up and upload a promotion post**” — @UhDo__


They even tried guilt tripping the members to stream and promote NCT Dream’s new album.


Not only did they target EXO members, they also demanded other senior artists under SM to help with NCT Dream’s promotions.

“Can SM’s senior artists please promote Dream somehow?” — @_o_blank_


As more and more excessive fans started harassing SM artists, netizens began criticizing the fandom for their actions – which ultimately led to a fight amongst fandoms.


There has yet to be a response from any of the SM artists, but it’s safe to say that NCT Dream are doing just fine as they’ve reached high marks on music charts!

Source: Nate Pann