Fans Have Mixed Feelings About The Announcement Of NCT DREAM’s World Tour

NCTzens are worried about some members’ health.

NCT DREAM has just announced new stops for their second world tour, THE DREAM SHOW2 : In A DREAM, which is set to span at least 22 cities across Asia, North America, and Europe.

Many fans are elated for the news, and eager to see the members of NCT DREAM in cities that they’ve never traveled to before.

And while the new tour dates are certainly exciting for fans of the group, there are also some NCTzens who are concerned that it’s starting so soon and worry for the health of some of the members.

NCT DREAM | SM Entertainment

Members Mark and Haechan are also part of the NCT sub-unit NCT 127, and the group only just wrapped up their own lengthy world tour on January 28 after traveling to the U.S., South America, and Southeast Asia in recent months. Not only would so much traveling be exhausting, but Haechan actually had to sit out the end of the tour due to heart issues.

Haechan (NCT) | SM Entertainment

Fans are understandably worried about the health of Mark and Haechan if they’re planning on joining the other NCT DREAM members on their world tour not even three weeks since they finished their last. Haechan’s heart concerns are especially worrying, especially since it’s still unknown just how serious they were or are.

There have also been rumors that there will be an NCT 2023 and a SuperM comeback in the works before too long, adding to the possibility of Mark and Haechan becoming extremely overworked.

There were a couple of mentions that maybe the tour would only include the five other members of NCT DREAM, but most seemed to think that that would be a poor idea on SM Entertainment‘s part.

We hope that all of the members of NCT DREAM are healthy and able to safely attend the upcoming stops for their new tour, but also that they’re able to rest if needed!

Source: Reddit and Reddit