Fan-Designed Sneakers For NCT DREAM’s “Glitch Mode” Goes Viral

“Would’ve emptied my bank account for this.”

Following the highly-anticipated release of NCT DREAM‘s comeback with “Glitch Mode”, the catchy song and unique choreography weren’t the only things that caught fans’ attention.

The edgy aesthetics and colorful styling inspired a fan to design a pair of sneakers that NCTzens would’ve loved to get their hands on—if they were real.

Using a pair of Nike‘s white Air Force 1’s as the base for the design, they used the colors from the teasers to create a bright and stylish sneaker. The colorful patches also gave it more pops of color.

The fan design earned over fifty thousand likes, with NCTzens commenting that they’d “happily buy it” and “would’ve emptied [their] bank account” just to get their hands on the sneakers. In fact, there were so many requests that the fan clarified it was only a design.

If SM Entertainment ever needed a hint about what kind of collaboration fans would spend all their money on, it would be these sneakers based on how many fans tagged the company about the design.

NCT DREAM | @NCTsmtown_DREAM/Twitter

What do you think of the colorful sneakers that perfectly captured the “Glitch Mode” theme?