Here’s Just How Much NCT Dream’s Global Influence Has Grown In 2021, Based On Hanteo Data

Out of all the NCT sub-units, Dream saw the most growth this year!

You may have heard from the report recently released by Hanteo that NCT Dream is ranked as their #1 K-Pop artist that has represented the K-Pop industry for the first half of 2021. This ranking was based on collected data that includes accumulated sales data, initial chodong sales amount data, chart ranking data, music video data, social media channel data, and many others.

NCT’s Jisung

Part of what gave them such a high ranking was their number of albums authenticated globally so far this year, in which they ranked #3 out of all the K-Pop artists included in the list!

The authentication of K-Pop albums is considered a “step forward” in the process of buying albums, and is the only data that can analyze the “end users” of an album, or in other words, the “true fans” or real purchasers of said album. Therefore, it can be even more important than overall album sales to show how strong a K-Pop artist’s fanbase is, and NCT Dream ranking at #3 for this data is a big accomplishment!

NCT’s Mark

The K-Pop group saw a sharp increase in the number of their albums that were authenticated worldwide compared to the same period last year, proving their global growth since 2020. They also achieved their first initial chodong (first week after release) million-seller with the album Hot Sauce, which also is a huge indication of how large their core fandom is!

NCT’s Jaemin

These are all of their albums that were included in the global album authentications in the first half of 2021, from most to least authentications.

1. Hot Sauce, Photo Book Version

Released May 10, 2021 with 2.05 million sales (including both versions)

2. Hot Sauce, Jewel Case Version

3. We Boom

Released July 26, 2019 with 516.7k sales

4. Reload

Released April 29, 2020 with 757.7k sales

5. The First

Released February 9, 2017 with 210.0k sales

6. We Go Up

Released September 3, 2018 with 312.6k sales

7. We Young

Released August 17, 2017 with 145.4k sales

8. We Boom [Reissue]

Released April 22, 2021

9. Reload [Class]

10. The Dream Show

Released June 9, 2020

Since Hot Sauce was released most recently (not including Hello Future, which was not included since it was released too recently), it’s not surprising that it had the most authentications! Interestingly, though, the photo book version had about 2.8 times more than the jewel case version.

Finally, it appears that the region outside of South Korea that NCT Dream has the largest fanbase is in Southeast Asia! They were especially dominant in Malaysia, where their albums accounted for 47.6% of all authentications in the country — just under every one in two albums!

NCT’s Jeno

The country with the second-largest amount of authentications for NCT Dream albums is Thailand with 20.02% of their total, and in third is the Philippines with 6.33% of all of their K-Pop album authentications. The rest of their top ten countries for this statistic is, in order, Singapore, Indonesia, China, France, Russia, the United States, and Germany.

It will be interesting to see how NCT Dream, and NCT as a whole, continue to spread their influence on a global scale in the coming years, and based on these trends, the future is looking bright!

Source: Hanteo