Jaemin Showed His Abs—And Even NCT DREAM Couldn’t Handle It

One member had to run away after seeing them.

Like several NCT DREAM members, Jaemin never fails to drive fans wild with his muscular arms and broad shoulders.


This time, Jaemin left fans breathless by showing off his abs at their The Dream Show2: In YOUR DREAM concert.

Because NCTzens asked to see his abs, Jaemin wanted to fulfill their wish. He came to a compromise by showing them for only three seconds.

That was more than enough time for fans to capture the moment and scream over Jaemin’s well-defined muscles. Funnily enough, fans weren’t the only ones losing their heads.

Seeing Jaemin’s abs up close, Haechan couldn’t help shouting along with fans, “Whoa!

The other members’ reactions were even more amusing. While some walked away to take a moment to process the scene, Jeno hilariously took off running after seeing Jaemin’s abs.

Although NCT DREAM probably sees Jaemin’s abs often, even they can’t help but be amazed by them.

Check out the group’s funny reactions to seeing Jaemin’s ripped abs.