NCT DREAM’s Jaemin Drives Fans Crazy With His Back Muscles

Jaemin has more than just abs.

Every once in a while, NCT DREAM‘s Jaemin isn’t afraid to tease fans by showing off his abs. This time, he gained attention for a similar reason.


As the group performed at Seoul Festa 2022, the idol left fans amazed by his visuals. There was one part of his appearance that NCTzens couldn’t help noticing, though.

| @summervident/Twitter

When Jaemin turned around, he had a muscular back that perfectly complimented his toned abs and arms. Fans couldn’t get over the strong line that proved just how much Jaemin hits the gym.

| @summervident/Twitter

Thousands of fans were ready to shower Jaemin with compliments on how much his time in the gym paid off and drove them wild.

Leave it up to fans to appreciate every bit of progress Jaemin makes in his fitness journey.