NCT DREAM’s Jaemin Has Fans Cracking Up Over His Hilarious New Profile Picture

Imagine getting noticed by Jaemin AND his mom!

NCT Jaemin‘s latest Lysn update has fans cracking up!

Jaemin on the set for the “Life Is Still Going On” track video. | @NCTsmtown_DREAM/Twitter

The idol updated fans through the Bubble feature on the Lysn app and sent fans this edited photo of himself sitting in a donut pool float next to a bunch of actual donuts.

Jaemin’s new profile picture.

Jaemin said his mom sent him the picture, and he even set it as his new profile picture!

Jaemin’s Bubble profile.

The edit came from a fan on Twitter who posted it two days ago. Imagine being noticed by both Jaemin and his mom!

This isn’t the first time Jaemin has made a hilarious edit into his profile picture. Prior to the donuts, he was using a photo that edited his face over the other NCT DREAM members!

And back when NCT 2020 were promoting, Jaemin was using this picture that had 23 Jaemins!

Fans are cracking up over Jaemin’s choices in profile pictures, and love the idol’s sense of humor!