NCT Dream’s Jaemin Opens Up About How Important Communicating With NCTzens Is To Him

He loves NCTzens so much!

NCT Dream‘s Jaemin opened up about himself, and revealed just how important NCTzens are to him!

In a recent pictorial and interview with Allure Korea, Jaemin revealed that he picked up photography in an effort to be closer to his fans. Affectionately calling them “Czennies”[nickname for NCTzens], he revealed that he wanted to find more ways to communicate with fans, and photography became a way for him to get closer to them.

I thought a lot about how I could show fans what we were up behind the scenes more frequently, and that’s how I became interested in photography as a hobby.


Jaemin reveals that he also loves connecting with fans during their live performances, and that sharing the same energy as their fans during concerts is a different feeling entirely.

When I see concert venues packed with our fans, I feel really moved. I’ve been performing on stage with the mindset of “Let’s enjoy this”. If we truly get excited and enjoy ourselves while performing on stage, then our fans get excited along with us, and enjoy our performances with us.

It’s definitely a different experience altogether when that happens.


NCT Dream is on break from their first tour since debut, titled The Dream Show. As part of the tour, they have so far performed in Seoul, Thailand and Japan, and were set to perform in Singapore this month, but the concert was postponed as a safety precaution.

They also released their first pre-debut Japanese album in January 2020, titled The Dream, which is a compilation album of all their title tracks, from “Chewing Gum” To “Boom”. With this album, NCT Dream became the first male Korean group to achieve a #1 on the Oricon’s daily album chart without making an official debut!

Their last comeback was with “Boom” in July 2019.