NCT DREAM’s Jaemin Reacts To His Favorite Character Ryan Dancing To “Hot Sauce”

Jaemin has been noticed by his fave! Or is it the other way around?
From left to right: Renjun, Jaemin, Jeno, and Haechan.

Jaemin has been a big fan of the Kakao Friends character Ryan for years!

Jaemin quizzed Jeno on his favorite character in 2018.

Jaemin (left) and Jeno (right) playing DREAM vs. DREAM. 

Jaemin mentioned that he used to have a doll of the character and even said it was his favorite.

When Jeno couldn’t guess, Jaemin revealed it was Ryan!

And this month, the Kakao Friends YouTube account posted a video of Ryan and his cat character Choonsik dancing to NCT DREAM‘s “Hot Sauce!”

Ryan (left) and Choonsik (right). 

The characters are even decked out in “Hot Sauce”-inspired outfits!

Jaemin posted his reaction to the video on the pinkinmyblood TikTok account, which usually highlights fan-created content like covers but sometimes features SM Entertainment artists.

“Choonsik is doing well!”

He said they danced really well and loved their facial expressions!

“Their facial expression changed!” 

Check out his reaction below!


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