NCT’s Jaemin Seemingly Responds To Criticism Surrounding His Speech At The “2023 Melon Music Awards”

Fans are extremely proud of the idol.

NCT‘s Jaemin seems to have recently responded to criticism regarding part of his speech at an awards show.

NCT’s Jaemin | SM Entertainment

On December 2 (KST), the 2023 Melon Music Awards took place, awarding artists for their hard work over the last year.

NCT DREAM had a successful night, winning “Best Male Group” and “Record Of The Year,” though the latter sparked an intense debate.


While giving a speech for one of the awards, Jaemin did something that shocked the idols in attendance but was no surprise to fans.

One of Jaemin’s favorite things to say is “aigo,” an expression that means “oh my” or “oh my God,” usually used in cute circumstances.

During recent concerts, NCT DREAM got fans to chant the phrase back to them by saying, “Czennie (nickname for fans of NCT) aigo.” Jaemin continued this new tradition at the 2023 MMAs, shocking and amusing the other idols.

While most found the interaction between idol and fan amusing, some did not, expressing negative opinions.

Fans defended the idol, saying there was nothing wrong with what Jaemin did.

Now, Jaemin has seemingly responded to the unexpected reactions!

In a series of messages on Dear. U Bubble, Jaemin reveals he saw reactions to his “aigo” and expressed surprise over them.

Jaemin: I looked up reactions and stuff…
Jaemin: AIGOOO! Am I the only one who’s uses that on the daily!?
Jaemin: I saw that czennies made videos. Hehe

He continued by saying that all that mattered was if fans and the group liked it and that he would continue to do it.

Jaemin: As long as we like it, that’s all that matters. Ahahahaha!
Jaemin: I’m going to keep doing it, kyahaha! Why? Because my Y/N. SO CUTE. 

Fans were relieved by Jaemin’s reaction, expressing even more pride in the idol.