NCT DREAM Jaemin’s Thoughtful Birthday Gift To Renjun Is Making Everyone Soft

He went above and beyond to get the perfect item.

NCT DREAM‘s Jaemin always takes extra care to get the right presents for his members and did the same for Renjun. He picked out such a perfect gift that it hit fans right in the feels.

Renjun and Jaemin. | @NCTsmtown_DREAM/Twitter

Posting to his Instagram, Renjun uploaded photos that appeared to show off his birthday gift from Jaemin.

| @yellow_3to3/Instagram

Perfectly suiting his neutral outfit of cool tones, Renjun gave the look a pop of color with a patterned plaid jacket.

| @yellow_3to3/Instagram

The item was a collaboration between luxury brand Burberry and upscale streetwear brand Supreme, originally selling for $298 USD and for over $1,000 USD for resale. The price wasn’t the only thing that caught fans’ eye.


Fans were touched that Jaemin purchased from Burberry, a brand Renjun wears often and is said to be one of his favorites. They also appreciated his dedication to getting his hands on the jacket, since it was sold in limited quantities in-store and online.

| @yellow_3to3/Instagram

Most importantly, the jacket was released early that month, perfect timing for Jaemin to gift it to Renjun for his birthday. Everyone needs a friend who’s as thoughtful as Jaemin—who’s also willing to take amazing photos of it all.

| @NCTsmtown_DREAM/Twitter


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