NCT’s Jeno Sparks Laughter With His Response To A Fan Asking To Marry Him

It all happened live πŸ˜‚

When a confident fan cleverly asked NCT Dream‘s Jeno to take their hand in marriage, his response had fans cracking up.

During the group’s Chinese gaming live broadcast, they took a moment to read fans’ comments. Jeno came across an NCTzen’s username in English that he understood all too perfectly. Jeno read it out loud, “Will you marry me?

Before Jeno could pause and take a breath, he answered it just as quickly. He made sure he was heard when saying, “No!” The way he emphasized it by moving his head made the response even funnier.

Jeno handled it so smoothly that even he had to chuckle. Fans found the moment even more amusing when remembering a fan signing from the previous month.

When a Chinese NCTzen prepared a toy ring and proposed to him, Jeno playfully accepted the engagement by sticking his hand out, ready to wear the ring.

In the end, the fan earned points for finding a clever way to catch Jeno’s attention—and creating a funny reaction for all.

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Check out Jeno’s swift and humorous reaction to the fan’s marriage proposal.