NCT Dream’s Jeno Reveals What Makes “Hello Future” Different From Their Recent Releases

He shared why he thinks their new song is different, yet more familiar to him!

NCT Dream‘s Jeno talked about their recent comeback with “Hello Future”, and revealed why it’s different from their previous releases, yet feels the most familiar!

Jeno | @nct_dream/ Instagram

NCT Dream’s Haechan, Jeno and Jaemin guested on Eric Nam‘s K-Pop Daebak Show, where they talked about their new album, debut days, and more!

As they talked about their repackaged album and the three additional songs added to the album this time, Eric Nam asked them to pick a favorite from the new songs!

You came back with a repackage album, title song is ‘Hello Future’, and songs ‘Life Is Still Going On, and ‘Bungee’ are also there. You came back with 3 songs. Among the three songs, do you have your personal favorite?

—Eric Nam

When asked to pick a favorite, Jeno picked “Hello Future”, and shared why it’s his favorite!

For me, I like all of them, but the title song, ‘Hello Future’ is the song that fits me the most.


Jeno then elaborated, and said that as the group has tried on a more diverse range of songs over the last few comebacks, their return to a fresh and positive song such as “Hello Future” makes him feel like the overall vibe of the song is more familiar to him!

I think it’s a song that can show the freshness of ourselves after a long time. It feels like NCT Dream is wearing the right clothes for the first time after a long while. I think it’s a song that I’m somewhat glad to meet again.


NCT Dream recently made their comeback with the song “Hello Future”, one that is filled with the positivity of future possibilities!

Watch him talk about the song here!

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