NCT DREAM Jeno’s Name Is Allegedly Being Illegally Used In TV Adaptation Of NCT Fan Fiction Novel, Here’s What Netizens Have To Say

“He is a real person…”

NCT DREAM‘s Jeno Lee is trending after fans have taken to Twitter to denounce an Indonesian TV series that is being adapted from a novel named Dikta and Hukum—a novel that rose to fame as an ‘AU’ (alternate universe) fan-fiction of NCT originally published to Twitter.

Jeno | @NCTsmtown_DREAM/Twitter

The issue lies in that the TV series, as well as the novel’s author, is using Jeno’s name without permission from the artist or from his managing company, SM Entertainment. This is notable because Dikta and Hukum actually features other members of NCT, particularly Doyoung, whose names were changed by the author upon the novel’s publication. As a matter of fact, Doyoung’s character is the title character Dikta. Yet, even though other NCT members are now known as different characters in the story, Jeno’s name has remained unchanged, even in the TV series adaptation.

Netizens are arguing that Jeno’s name is not just his personal name; rather, it is also his brand as an artist. Therefore, the allegedly illegal use of his name could potentially impact his brand, and with it, his career. Hence, many fans have been tweeting about Jeno’s prowess as an artist and how he deserves to be known and respected as one.

The consensus among NCTzens is that Jeno, as an artist and an individual, should be able to live and work in his career and be known for that—not for others’ interpretations of him.

While Jeno certainly has the full right to his name and image, for now it remains to be seen what the outcome of the situation will be.


Source: Seputar Gresik and Zigi