NCT DREAM’s Jisung Accidentally Revealed His Abs, But Their Editors Cleverly Fixed The Mishap

Renjun wanted to protect Jisung too.

NCT DREAM recently released the 7DREAM version of their “Glitch Mode” dance practice, where eagle-eyed fans didn’t miss an unexpected ab reveal.

Though the youngest member Jisung accidentally revealed his abs, their video editor came to the rescue when he needed them most.

Jisung | @NCTsmtown_DREAM/Twitter

Known as one of the group’s best dancers, Jisung didn’t hold back while doing the powerful moves. His movements were so sharp that his shirt couldn’t handle the force, ripping open to reveal his abs.

While some viewers might’ve expected to see abs, their video editor came through with the ultimate fix. Rather than using an emoji or something humorous to cover it up, they blurred Jisung’s stomach whenever his shirt opened.

Fans appreciated the clever way the editor handled the mishap and even thanked them for doing such a good job. It turned out the idea didn’t come from the editor at all.

According to Jisung, he’d been the one to ask the editors to blur out his abs. Despite being an adult, Jisung wasn’t ready yet to take that step. Renjun also showed support for covering up Jisung’s stomach.

Fortunately, their editors were able to handle Jisung’s request with ease.

| @NCTsmtown_DREAM/Twitter

Watch Jisung’s powerful dancing cause an accidental ab reveal but remain covered up thanks to their editors.