NCT DREAM’s Love Potion From “Cafe 7 Dream” Has Us Falling In Love

One Love Potion coming right up!

NCT DREAM just released an adorable teaser with a cafe concept for their upcoming comeback, and we’re obsessed.


Titled “Cafe 7 Dream,” each of the members play a unique role in their newly opened cafe, with Jaemin and Jeno as baristas, Haechan and Mark as bakers, Renjun as a designer, Chenle as the manager, and Jisung as a researcher.


The goal of their cafe is to make everyone fall in love with an exclusive love potion concocted by Jisung. And so far, it seems like it’s working.

NCT DREAM’s Instagram also underwent a makeover to fit the cafe theme, with their bio detailing the location and hours, and even individual Instagram Story Highlights of their menu, beverages, dessert, and off-duty content.

With their last full 7-member comeback back in 2018, NCTzens are ecstatic to see what other content they will be posting! Watch the teaser below: