NCT DREAM Mark’s Comments About Renjun’s Weight Earns Mixed Reactions From Fans

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NCT DREAM‘s Mark Lee received mixed reactions from fans after commenting on Renjun and the other members’ weight and eating habits.

NCT DREAM’s Mark Lee | SM Entertainment
NCT DREAM’s Renjun | SM Entertainment

NCT DREAM recently returned with “ISTJ,” from their third full album of the same name.

NCT DREAM | SM Entertainment

As part of promotions for the album, the group held special chatting events where fans could enter a chatroom with the group on the Lysn Bubble platform. On July 20, the first of these events took place.

During the chat, while discussing food, Mark tells Renjun to “gain some weight,” following up with, “My boys are all too skinny.”


Jisung: I like spicy foods. 
Haechan: Then have some “Spicy” by aespa
Mark: You need to gain some weight, Renjun
Jisung: …
Haechan: Anyone like sweets?
Mark: My boys are all too skinny
Jisung: I’ll be sure to eat all my meals
Haechan: Have some chewing gum
Mark: I like that, Jisung-ssi

The topic of weight has come up more than once with NCT DREAM — in the past, Jeno was criticized for negative comments about Haechan’s weight. Haechan and Chenle were recently under fire for commenting on Jeno’s physique.

Once the chat spread online, fans shared their mixed feelings.

On the one hand, many fans see Mark’s comments coming from a place of concern because rather than the fat shaming that often happens in the K-Pop industry, he encouraged Renjun and the members to eat more.

Other fans feel like the topic of weight should not be brought up at all, even if the intentions were good.

Correction: Missing translations were added to the chat translation.


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