NCT Dream Members Broke Down In Tears During Mark’s Graduation

They tried to hold back their tears, but it came flooding out.

Though the news that Mark would be graduating from NCT Dream was announced in August, it still didn’t feel real for many NCTzens.


On the last day of ‘NCT Dream Show 2’, Mark gave an emotional speech about his graduation and paused many times to try and hold back his tears.

“When I was a trainee, we performed as “Ahgi-shinki*” so when I debuted first with [NCT U] hyungs I was a bit sad then. At that time, Renjun and Chenle weren’t here yet.

After debuting, through NCT, I was able to debut with these kids again. But this time, with Renjun and Chenle. So then [I realized] if I debuted with Ahgi-shinki, then Renjun and Chenle wouldn’t be here.

So what I realized is no matter what I feel in that moment, another good thing can happen in the future — thus, I should wait and see.

Just like that, although today is a bit sad, I hope to think of this as something good for everyone. Although tears may fall, I hope we can think of this positively.

I’m so thankful and, I wasn’t going to cry but… everyone, there are so many people who cheered for 7Dream and made it so that we could dream. I hope that you could clap for all those people.

Everyone, finally, thank you so much for loving 7Dream. Because of that, I can graduate happily. Thank you for coming to Dream Show. Thank you so much everyone.”

*Jeno, Haechan, Mark, Jisung Jaemin performed as Baby TVXQ! (Ahgi-shinki) during SM Rookies days.

— Mark


The NCT Dream members also shed many tears during his speech and last performance.


They sang the song “Dear DREAM”, a track dedicated to Mark that was written while thinking of their time together. 


Although Mark’s time with NCT Dream has come to an end, as Mark said, many good things for all the Dreamies and NCT are yet to come!