NCT’s Mark Had The Most Hilarious Reaction To A Fan’s Heartfelt Confession

How would you feel if this happened to you? 😅

Last week, one Thai NCTzen by the name of @gracetaniya on Twitter was lucky enough to win a spot in NCT Dream‘s Yizhiyu video call fansign for “Hot Sauce,” and it seems like she already had a cute interaction planned out with Mark. However, it may not have gone exactly how she expected.

First off, @gracetaniya asked Mark what song he’s been into lately, and Mark immediately burst into song, treating her to a smooth cover of “Leave the Door Open” by Bruno Mars. Recently, the track has become a popular soundbite with young people on TikTok, so it’s no surprise that Mark knows all about it.

But then, @gracetaniya decided to deliver a smooth moment of her own: a clever yet heartfelt confession. After asking Mark to close his eyes off camera, she asked him, “Okay, so, you see anything when you close your eyes?

After a pause, Mark answered, “No“—which is when @gracetaniya hit him with her genius response: “Okay, that’s my life without you.” But while you may think Mark would reply with something equally heartfelt or an appreciation of the fan’s love, his actual response had fans across social media cracking up.

Immediately upon opening his eyes, Mark waved his hands in a show of how awestruck he was, before telling the fan, “That’s a bar!” “Bar” is a hip-hop slang term used to describe highly impressive rap lyrics. While @gracetaniya was sharing her heart with her idol, the NCT Dream main rapper just couldn’t help but view her words as awesome lyrics!

After the fan shared the interaction on her Twitter account alongside a crying with laughter emoji, NCTzens were dying at Mark’s hilarious response, imagining how they’d feel if they were in her position.

While Mark’s reply may not be what you’d expect, it will certainly be an interaction this fan will never forget.

Source: @gracetaniya