NCT DREAM’s Mark Gets Hilariously Flustered At WINNER Seunghoon’s Tweet About His Chances Of Marrying Him

But Mark never fails to be respectful!

In a recent guest appearance on SBS PowerFM’s Cultwoshow, NCT DREAM‘s Mark got adorably flustered after being shown a hilarious tweet that WINNER‘s Seunghoon made about his chances of marrying Mark.

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Earlier in February of this year, Seunghoon had tweeted his result after he took a test in which one enters one’s name in a website, which then provides a male idol whom there is at least ‘a 1% chance of marrying.’ The test was just for fun, and Seunghoon ended up scoring a 4% chance of marrying Mark. He hilariously commented under the result, saying “So it’s not impossible..”

The male idol you have at least 1% chance of marrying
Lee Seunghoon has a 4% chance of marrying NCT Mark.

So it’s not impossible..


| @official_hoony_/Twitter

Mark was shown this tweet on Cultwoshow, and was left amusingly flustered. When the host mentioned that Seunghoon had “mentioned marriage with Mark on his social media,” the members of NCT DREAM immediately burst out laughing, while Mark tried to explain that this was his first time hearing about Seunghoon’s tweet.

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When he was asked to say what he personally thought of Seunghoon, Mark couldn’t help stammering as he tried to think of what to say.

Me? Uh…it’s really…uh..oh…this is very…ah…very… Firstly it’s interesting, this fact in itself. Since I was young I listened to their songs a lot. He’s a member of WINNER that I have a lot respect for. Suddenly my words… They might sound weird…

— Mark

After watching his struggle, Renjun hilariously teased him by saying, “He’s buffering,” cleverly alluding to the concept of ‘buffering in front of one’s crush’ in NCT DREAM’s “Glitch Mode.”

Jeno, however, put the cherry on top when he gave Mark an out by saying, “Still, he can’t get married. Not yet.” The members and the hosts all laughed, and Mark took the chance and agreed with Jeno, saying, “I’m still young so I don’t have that choice.”

Mark’s reactions are always fun to watch, especially because he often gets easily flustered. But even when he feels awkward, Mark never fails to be polite and respectful! Since the tweet was made in good fun, hopefully both he and Seunghoon are able to have a laugh about it!

You can watch the full clip on the link below.