NCT Dream Mentioned On Popular American Show “NCIS: New Orleans”

NCT Dream mentioned on national TV in the States!

During a recent episode of NCIS: New Orleans, special agent Hannah Khoury (portrayed by Necar Zadegan) was questioning a teenage girl when she suddenly asked her a question about NCT Dream!

“Renjun, Jeno or Chenle. Who is best?”

— Hannah Khoury 


The girl was blasting K-Pop through her headphones as she replied that Mark was her ultimate bias.

“None of them. It’s Mark, obviously.”

— Teenage Girl


And apparently Agent Khoury is more than a fan as she reveals that she hung out with the members when she used to live in Busan!

“Oh I don’t just know them, I hung out with them when I used to live in Busan.”

— Hannah Khoury


NCTzens were over the moon to hear that the members were featured on the show!


Answer for yourself! “Renjun, Jeno or Chenle. Who is best?”