Here’s How NCT Dream Perfected The “Glitching” Choreography In Their MV, According To Renjun

Here’s how they executed the cool choreography in their “Glitch Mode” MV!

NCT Dream recently made their comeback with their second full album titled Glitch Mode, and a title track of the same name!

NCT Dream | @NCTsmtown_DREAM/Twitter

The group held a press conference for their new comeback, where they talked about their comeback, their growth as a group, and more!

| SM Entertainment

NCT Dream also talked about their new concept and MV, which, according to Mark, took influence from a 1999 Korean crime-comedy film Attack The Gas Station!

The concept popped into my mind after listening to “Glitch Mode”, and we wanted to express how everyone’s abnormal. Pink-colored clothing also appeared in our teaser images because the color means an error.


Mark | SM Entertainment

While talking about the MV, they discussed a few particular scenes from it, where the members looked like they were “glitching” while performing the choreography!

Renjun then revealed that the glitching effect in the MV was created by a very special effect! The music in the MV was played 0.5 times faster than the original tempo of the song, and at the same time, the group performed the choreography of the song 2 times faster to look like they were “buffering” while dancing!

Renjun | SM Entertainment

NCT Dream have outdone themselves in this comeback! You can check out their latest song “Glitch Mode” here!

Source: The Korea Herald