NCT DREAM Prove They Have The Best Teamwork After Stage Mishap

They always got each others’ back!

When a small, but risky, stage mishap happened in a recent performance, the members of NCT DREAM proved they are well-oiled team of professionals who always have each others’ back.

| @NCTsmtown_DREAM/Twitter

NCT DREAM had a successful night on MBC‘s Music Core, and not just because they earned their fourth win for “Glitch Mode” there (breaking records for the highest score ever achieved on the show). The members were able to prove their true professionalism when, in the middle of a performance of “Arcade,” Mark accidentally dropped a small white object from his hoodie.

| MBCkpop/YouTube 

While it’s not clear what the object was, it was large enough to be a potential tripping hazard. Mark tried to kick it away when he saw a chance, but was unable to reach it.

Fortunately, one of his members was aware of the problem. Haechan had noticed the object fall from Mark’s hoodie and had kept his eye on it. As soon as he saw an opening, he deftly swooped in while the camera was pointed somewhere else and quickly slid it out of the way.

No matter how much one trains and practices, mishaps are always bound to happen. It’s definitely great to see that the members of NCT DREAM work so well together that they are able to smoothly help each other out like that, even in the middle of a busy performance!

You can have a closer look at the moment it happened on the following link.

And you can watch the full clip from the performance on the link below.