NCT DREAM Reveal The Touching Significance Of Their Song “Rainbow”— And Its Connection To “Dear DREAM”

The secret lies in its lyrics!

NCT DREAM discuss behind the scenes stories and their opinions of each of their tracks in the latest episode of HAECHAN Radio.


Chenle has made it known that his favorite track from the album is “Rainbow” because of its beautiful melody and lyrics, and also because all the members contributed to the song.

Jisung touchingly revealed that when he helped write the lyrics, he only had one thing on his mind.

He also specifically highlighted the lyric “looking like a blur,” which he wrote as a tribute to their song “Dear DREAM,” which includes the lyric “I look at this song so that it won’t be blurry when I look at it in the future.”

Mark also spoke about the actual recording of “Rainbow”, saying the song felt special since it was their last recording of their first full album. Chenle agreed, saying he “recorded with such emotion.” 

Their song “Rainbow” seems to hold a special place in all their hearts!

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