NCT Dream Renjun’s Advice Regarding Skincare Is The Most Wholesome Thing You’ll See Today

Renjun is so wholesome!

NCT Dream‘s Renjun is so wise for his age!

On January 7, Renjun was on his way home from his solo schedule of being a DJ at the Akdong Seoul radio show!


He started a live broadcast on the way home, and talked to fans about a lot of things, switching from Korean to Chinese depending on which fan asked the question! One question that was sent to him through the comments was (in Chinese),


Can you give us tips on skin care?



After reading out he question, Renjun admits to the fan that he doesn’t actually have great skin either.


He then says that people in his age range usually don’t have great skin, and that’s okay, because its natural.


He further admits that he used to be very obsessed about his skin, and strove hard to take care of it, afraid that people would think he has bad skin. But now, it doesn’t bother him all that much, because he’s still Renjun, imperfect skin and all!



Renjun then says that he hopes the fan won’t be too concerned about the appearance of their skin, because in the words of his wise grandmother;


Who in this world hasn’t had a blemish before?

—Renjun’s Grandmother



He then closes the topic, but not before cheekily adding,


If you have blemishes, it just means you’re young, so don’t worry too much.




NCT Dream’s last comeback was with BOOM, with a title track of the same name. At the 34th Golden Disc Awards, the group took home a Bonsang for “Best Album” with their BOOM album!


Watch the segment here, from the 12:20 mark!