NCT Dream’s Renjun And Haechan Said “Hello Future” Is Too High, But They Hit Every Note Perfectly While Recording The Song

NCT Dream is full of amazing vocalists!

Even though their latest single, “Hello Future,” is hard to sing, NCT Dream‘s Renjun and Haechan perfectly hit all of the high notes in the song!

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In a behind the scenes video from the recording sessions for “Hello Future,” both Renjun and Haechan said that “Hello Future” is difficult to sing because of its high pitch.

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Renjun told the producer that the song is too high before he started recording his lines.

“The song is too high.” | NCT DREAM/YouTube

Although Renjun said “Hello Future” is too high, he immediately nailed the high notes!


Renjun also managed to deliver an emotional vocal performance despite the song’s difficulty.


Like Renjun, Haechan nailed his high notes right away.


After he finished his recording session, Haechan revealed that he finds “Hello Future” difficult to sing.

“I just recorded the title song ‘Hello Future.’ The song itself has a very bright vibe. It’s fun and has high notes. It was hard to sing.” | NCT DREAM/YouTube

Although both Renjun and Haechan revealed that the high notes in “Hello Future” were difficult, they—along with the other members of NCT Dream—did an excellent job during the recording sessions for this song.

| @nct_dream/Instagram

Check out the full behind the scenes video below.



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