NCT’s Renjun Reveals How His Members Helped Him Create His New Instagram Handle

NCTzens were curious about his unique username, and Renjun explained the story behind it!

NCT‘s Renjun recently opened his personal Instagram, and explained the story behind his new username!

Renjun | @nct_dream/Instagram

On June 24, Renjun revealed his new Instagram account, and fans immediately flocked to his account, raising his follower count to 1.7 million in just a few hours, possibly breaking a Guinness World Record!

For his first post, he put up black and white behind-the-scenes photos of him from their upcoming repackaged album Hello Future, and left an adorable message to NCTzens!

Revealing his new account with the username @yellow_3to3, fans couldn’t help but be curious about his unique handle, and Renjun soon revealed the story behind it! His username @yellow_323 references his last name, with “Huang” meaning yellow in Mandarin, and the “323” in the name signifying his birth date, March 23 (03-23).

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Renjun revealed that it was his fellow NCT members who helped him come up with the name! NCT Dream’s maknae Jisung first thought of using the “yellow” in his username, and Renjun also shared how he rejected the idea first, but ultimately warmed up to it!

And Jisung was not the only member he went to for advice! He also reached out to his fellow 2000-liner friend, Yangyang, and asked for his thoughts on his new username!

Renjun asked me, ‘What name should I use?’


Renjun is the 3rd member of NCT Dream to open a personal account, following Jaemin, who has 5.8 million followers…

And Mark, who currently has 5.2 million followers!

Prior to opening his personal account, Renjun was active on the group’s Instagram as well as his personal Weibo account, where he showed off his photography skills with super aesthetic pictures!

| @黄仁俊_RENJUN/Weibo

Fans hope to see more of Renjun’s skills with the camera on his new account with even more of his beautiful and scenic photos!

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