NCT DREAM’s Renjun Accidentally Called SEVENTEEN’s Jun During His Live

The8 thought it was Chenle at first.

Among idol friendships, the China-lines of NCT and SEVENTEEN is a well-known one that fans adore. They recently showed off their close friendship when Renjun accidentally called Jun during his live broadcast with The8.

NCT’s Renjun and Xiaojun with SEVENTEEN’s The8 and Jun.

As The8 and Jun chatted during their Weibo live broadcast, Jun received a phone call that caught his attention. Instead of rejecting the call, he answered it.

Making The8 laugh, Jun spoke to the person by saying, “Hello? I’m on a live stream, child.

Though Jun laughed at the person’s response, he had to end the call quickly to get back to the live broadcast. He finished, “Ah! Okay, okay. I’ll contact you later.

After Jun hung up, The8 thought he knew exactly who it was. Using Chenle‘s nickname, he asked, “Is it Lele?” Jun revealed that it had been Renjun and explained why he’d been calling.

Like close friends, Jun thought Renjun was hoping he’d have time to share a meal. He said, “Maybe it’s almost time to eat, so he’s looking for me.

Not only are the SEVENTEEN and NCT members so close they can call each other up whenever, but they’re comfortable calling each other by nicknames.

NCT’s Chenle and Renjun with SEVENTEEN’s Jun.

Watch Jun answer Renjun’s call even though he was in the middle of a live broadcast with The8.

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