NCT DREAM’s Renjun Stuns With His Tiny Waist In A Crop Top

His proportions are unreal.

NCT DREAM‘s Renjun can effortlessly charm fans with his graceful visuals but has caught attention for his edgy “Glitch Mode” style that’s showing off how his amazing body proportions.


Hitting the stage for KBS‘s Music Bank, Renjun wore a cropped shirt and skinny jeans that drove fans wild. His smooth dance moves made fans fall even harder for him but weren’t the only things that caught their attention.

When Renjun’s powerful dancing caused his crop top to rise just enough, everyone got a look at just how tiny his waist was.

Between his long legs and tiny waist, Renjun’s amazing proportions left fans stunned.

Thousands of NCTzens were driven crazy by Renjun, praising the group’s stylists for putting together the “best combination” and appreciating his slim figure.

Since the members are often wearing stylish streetwear that favors loose clothing, the look was a special treat that was an instant hit among fans.

See Renjun’s tiny waist and proportions that left everyone in awe.