An NCT DREAM Song Was Actually Partially Composed By HYBE Producers

What do you think?

It was recently found out that one of the tracks of NCT DREAM‘s Hot Sauce album was composed by producers that are signed to HYBE Labels. The information was only found out when their names were belatedly added to the credits on the official track on YouTube.

The names Slow Rabbit and Supreme Boi were added to the credits for “Countdown (3, 2, 1)” recently, which was promptly picked up upon by eagle-eyed fans.

Slow Rabbit and Supreme Boi have long been composing for HYBE Label artists such as TXT and BTS. They have been signed to HYBE Labels as well for producing. Upon checking, fans also found that the two had been added to the copyright on the online directory for music. They have been credited with composing of the song alongside other composers.

It is not known if they were belatedly added after discovering issues of plagiarism or if there were other internal issues that resulted in the late addition. Fans have speculated that the song was referenced or plagiarized in some parts and that the matter was settled on the low.

Fans think that the songs that could have been referenced were “Angel or Devil” and “Blue Orangeade”, both by TXT.

What do you think? Similar or a coincidence?


Source: theqoo