NCT DREAM And Stray Kids Showcase Their Supportive Friendship In Recent Live Event “Venue101”

They finally got to share the screen together!

NCT DREAM and Stray Kids had the most wholesome interactions on the Japanese live event Venue101, where they each performed their recent hits and hyped each other up like true friends!

NCT DREAM’s Chenle | @nhk_venue101/Instagram
Stray Kids’ Felix | @nhk_venue101/Instagram

While Stray Kids are already currently in Japan for Stray Kids 2nd World Tour “MANIAC”, NCT DREAM called in from Korea for their appearance. And even though the two groups were in different countries, they still encouraged each other with high-fives and plenty of cheering.

Stray Kids gave a strong performance of “MANIAC,” showing off their powerful tone and choreography.

They were very much a hit with NCT DREAM, as Renjun and Jeno could afterward be seen doing the “MANIAC” hand gesture…

…while the other members cheered enthusiastically.

In fact, when the hosts asked them if they were acquainted with each other, NCT DREAM happily confirmed it, with Chenle calling out to his Stray Kids besties, Felix and Bang Chan (and them waving back)…

…and clapping for Felix when he did his part.

Chenle is actually quite close with Felix and Bang Chan. He revealed in a recent live broadcast on Weibo that Felix texted him after Venue101, expressing how happy and surprised he was to finally appear onscreen with NCT DREAM.

In fact, some fans pointed out that once Felix gave him brownies to share with all of NCT DREAM…that Chenle ended up eating all by himself!

The love truly went both ways. NCT DREAM nailed their performance of “Beatbox…”

And Stray Kids’ Seungmin couldn’t help moving along to the choreography as they all watched the “Beatbox” wink challenge, while Felix was left clearly impressed by NCT DREAM Jisung‘s demonstration of the point moves…

He also couldn’t help copying bestie Chenle when he saw him waving his arms and having fun—something that fans had fun pointing out as a “bestie thing.”

All in all, the members of the two groups seemed like they were happy to share a screen together and support each other’s performances…

…and fans can’t get enough of it, especially since NCT and Stray Kids interactions are so rare. (And even rarer when combined with SEVENTEEN…)

Hopefully, this won’t be the last time fans get to see the members of these iconic groups showcasing their supportive friendships!