NCT DREAM Had The Most Wholesome Reaction To Finding Out An NCTzen Was Debuting As A Lyricist On “Glitch Mode”

“What an honor.”

During the countdown live for the release of Glitch Mode, the members of NCT DREAM read letters sent by supportive NCTzens, one of which was sent by an aspiring lyricist. The members had the most wholesome reaction to finding out that this NCTzen was actually making their debut as a lyricist…through Glitch Mode!

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This new comeback already has NCT DREAM beating their own impressive records set by their first full-length album, Hot Sauce. Not only did Glitch Mode surpass Hot Sauce‘s pre-order sales record, but the title track “Glitch Mode” also managed to beat the “Hot Sauce” initial MV view count by an incredible margin. Last year’s “Hot Sauce” MV reached 1 million views in 2 hours, but “Glitch Mode” managed to do so in 21 minutes.

At this rate, Glitch Mode is already shaping up to be a very meaningful comeback for NCT DREAM, and even more so for the lucky NCTzen who was able to achieve their dream of becoming a lyricist and debut with their favorite artist! The letter read, “Hello, I was aspiring to be a lyricist and today I can take away the aspiring part. I am debuting as a lyricist through my bias NCT DREAM’s song.” As Renjun read the news, the members were all visibly shocked. Jeno seemed particularly surprised!

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The letter continued, saying that the fan had been hoping for this opportunity for a long time, and now that it’s happening it is like a dream come true.

The fan also joked that they might be even more nervous than the members were (which would definitely be understandable). The camera briefly cut to Jaemin and Jisung, who still looked very much surprised. The fan also very touchingly encouraged other NCTzens to continue putting in effort and following their dreams!

Renjun then had to ask for a little help reading, so Jeno took over and read, “I hope all your dreams become a reality. I will try harder so my name can be on the credits in another NCT DREAM album.

The members very touchingly thanked the letter writer for their contribution to the album and congratulated them on their career debut. Renjun even touchingly said, “What an honor,” showing just how much he and the members appreciate their fans.

But the members were also curious as to which song the newly debuted lyricist had contributed to, and as some netizens pointed out, it seems like it was none other than the title track itself, “Glitch Mode”!

While the members felt honored to have this fan debut as a lyricist on their album, they weren’t the only ones who felt touched.

NCTzens have been coming together to express pride in the letter writer and to say how happy they are for them!

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It’s heartwarming to see both the members and NCTzens support each other so much, especially because it makes the success of this new album all the more meaningful!

If you haven’t seen it yet, you can watch NCT DREAM’s “Glitch Mode” on the link below.


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