NCT Dream’s Chenle Recommended This Quick And Easy Ramen Recipe And Fans Think It’s Delicious

The perfect recipe if you’re looking for something quick, cheap and delicious.

NCT Dream’s Chenle may only be 17 years old, but he is already proving how mature and responsible he is!

The idol moved from China to South Korea when he was only fifteen years old and has been taking care of his diet and health before he is even eighteen.

During a live broadcast, fellow NCT Dream members discussed their love for “Kang Shi Fu Braised Ramen Noodles” which is one of the most popular instant noodle brands in China.

It looks like the Chinese members Chenle and Renjun have brought their love of the noodles across the Yellow Sea because the other members also talked about how delicious it is, with Jisung admitting he sometimes steals Renjun’s ramen noodles.

However, Chenle strongly recommended that fans try Kang Shi Fu beef-flavoured noodles with tomatoes and Lao Gan Ma (老干妈), which is popular Chinese brand of chilli sauces.

The members revealed that current WayV member Ten loves Lao Gan Ma so much that he keeps his fridge stocked with it at all times.

Chenle stated that he saw this recipe online but highly encouraged NCTzens to try this simple yet delicious recipe out.

NCTzens have been more than willing to follow Chenle’s advice and try out his recipe.

For the recipe, all you’ll need is tomato purée, Lao Gan Ma or other Sichuan style chilli sauces and beef-flavoured ramen noodles.

1. Boil water in a pot

2. Add in finely tomato purée or chopped tomatoes, depending on your preference

3. Add in a spoon of Lao Gan Ma sauce and stir

4. Add in the Kang Shi Fu braised beef flavour ramen and seasoning and stir

And voila, with just four steps you have yourself a delicious meal!

This recipe can be further customised by adding in any vegetables, meats, eggs or sauces of the person’s choice.

Fans have tried out Chenle’s recipe for themselves and they think it’s easy and delicious!

If you’re not a fan of tomatoes, apparently you could barely taste it at all.

Some had to substitute the Lao Gan Ma with other Sichuan-style chilli sauces and Kang Shi Fu with other instant ramen noodles but the meal was just as delicious!

Fans noted that not all chilli sauces taste the same, which is why spicy hot sauce or sauce that is Sichuan style should be used.

NCT is truly a global group, bringing everyone together based on our intrinsic love of food.

So if you’re in a rush of if you’re too busy, this recipe will be perfect for you!