NCT Dream’s Chenle and Renjun Wouldn’t Stop Bickering Over The Pettiest Issues On Their Live Broadcast

Kun, please come and collect your sons

NCT Dream’s Chenle and Renjun recently did a live broadcast together in Mandarin for their Chinese viewers.

While fans were overjoyed to interact with the two idols, many were also amused by their interactions.

Both being born in China, Chenle and Renjun have been interacting with each other before they became fluent in Korean.

Hence, they have been comfortable around each other since they were trainees.

Yet, fans also know that Chenle and Renjun often have friendly bickering with each other over the most trivial issues.

Believe it or not, their first fight was over airpod colors!

Renjun asked Chenle for advice on airpod colors. Unfortunately a disagreement arose because Chenle thought blue airpods were the best, while Renjun thought the gold ones looked better.

And ever since then, it’s been constant teasing between the two.

During the live broadcast, their relationship was no different.

In between the laughs and discussion, both Chenle and Renjun couldn’t help bickering over the most petty things.

Firstly, while Chenle was talking, he accidentally spat some saliva on Renjun’s face.

Once Renjun wiped it off, he intentionally spat back at Chenle, as if they were still little kids!

And Chenle spat back at Renjun. Then, totally disregarding their personal hygiene, both Chenle and Renjun returned back to the live broadcast, as if nothing happened.

Then Chenle moved forward to adjust the filming angle so that most of their bodies were in the shot.

Yet once he did, Renjun objected, stating that their pants were too short and revealing!

After hearing Renjun’s complaints, Chenle decided to put his concerns at rest, and offered him a cushion to cover his thighs if he was so shy.

Though not before he snuck in an insult about Renjun’s age.

Don’t reveal yourself too much, we are still young! Ah, you’re not young anymore

When Renjun replied that he is an adult, Chenle pulled away the cushion, only for Renjun to hold onto it as he was still so modest.

Chenle then called him out, stating if he was an adult, he shouldn’t be so shy.

Then don’t cover! You can reveal yourself … Show your abs!

To the unexpected surprise of fans, Renjun flashed the camera, even if it was only for a millisecond.

So much for Renjun being worried about being too revealing.

While fans have been raving over how hilarious their relationship are, many have also pointed to how the two have shown their affection for each other.

It was clear throughout the live broadcast that both Renjun and Chenle made sure that they were equally getting attention and contributing to the discussion.

After all, what is friendship without a little bit of teasing!